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Best Crossfit Shoes for Women 2019 – Choosing the Best Crossfit Shoes for Women

If you want to take your performance to another level, while maintaining maximum comfort during crossfit training, you have to go for a perfect shoe with diverse features.

Footwears that are able to withstand different challenges are needed for crossfit workouts. For this reason, cross training shoes are suitable for WOD (Workouts of the Day).

If your routine workload involves climbing ropes, deadlifts, pushups, shuttle runs, and box jumps, then you need kicks that can withstand such practice.

Running shoes and crossfit training shoes have their differences in regards to your need. Running shoes only takes care of your need as a runner, but a crossfit training shoe has different characteristics and qualities that enable it to stand the test of time no matter the exercises you are involved in.

For those who enjoy what they are doing, a cross fit shoe safeguards your feet, maintains stability during weightlifting, and gives maximum comfort. They are also flexible, durable, and gives support in most circumstances.

Various types of these shoes are available, so the one that is well-balanced and can take care of your training needs perfectly, should be your best fit.

To assist you in choosing shoes with these qualities, we’ve researched the different brands and types available, and we are able to come up with this list. Take a closer look at these Best Crossfit Shoes for Women, and choose the one that suits you in regards to your preference, needs, and budget.

5 Best Crossfit Shoes for Women

1. Nike Metcon 4 Women's Crossfit Training Shoes - Best Overall Crossfit Shoes

This shoe will give you great stability. It is strong and durable with flexible supports for categories of training which may include sled pushes, rope climbing, sprints, and lifting. This model of Nike Metcon has extreme durability compared to others.

It is reinforced with a 3D-textured print to avoid wearing out in a short period. It comes with a midsole which offers soft forefoot and heel firmness to give a flexible padding for short distance race and sprints, with a flat, durable and stable base for weightlifting.

Using this crossfit shoe for high-caliber trainings will give you a feeling of connecting to the ground for stability. It is designed to meet cross training demands for durability with a thin rubber stretching from the external sole to the mid-foot.


  • Very comfortable and sturdy
  • ​Offers great balance and support
  • ​It is durable
  • ​Has super-grip soles
  • ​Has a wide toe box
  • Great for kickboxing and weight training


  • Not suitable for running
  • Only available in smaller sizes

2. Reebok Women's Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave – Best for Lifting

The Reebok Nano 8.0 flexweave has CMEVA soles (inner and midsole) and heel construction, that gives unparalleled comfort. Resistance is increased in the forefoot by the strategic reinforcements, and with the natural rubber, the sole is well-grounded.

Greater balance and flexibility is also offered by the forefoot flex groove. This crossfit shoe is designed and tested by Reebok to give a more dependable and versatile footwear. It was innovated and developed to offer maximum comfort with its Ergonomic CMEVA soles for better cushioning.

The upper part of this footwear is a fully-engineered woven technology, flex-weaved for stability, good breathability, durability, and the foot is secured by a minimal drop outsole. Fast and powerful movements is possible with this Nano 8.0 flex-weave, thanks to the wide toe box which will give you a very comfortable fit.


  • Good for lifting, jumping, rope climbing, and weightlifting
  • Has a good heel stability, flat button, and structured support
  • Light with flexible sole and good grip
  • High quality with comfortable cushions
  • Perfect for crossfit and everyday workouts


  • Not suitable for wide/flat feet
  • Not good for long distance runs
  • It is stiff

3. Adidas Performance Women's Powerlift.3 W Cross Trainer Shoes – Best for Squats

This is a powerful women's crossfit shoe manufactured, developed, and designed with an extra space for the foot to spread. It gives extra support with the mid-foot strap paired with the snug-fittings synthetic upper, and the midsole helps you adhere to the ground with its high density die-cut wedge and anti-slip rubber outsole, built specially for weightlifting to give a maximum grip.

This weightlifting shoe is best for daily training, and they have a narrow fit that gives great stability. It also offers good support and durability with its minimum weight synthetic leather upper and the outsole.

The Adidas Powerlift.3 W Women's Cross-trainer Shoe is lightweight which gives maximum flexibility during strenuous exercises, and the flexible toe with wide forefoot design and air mesh collar/lining, offers durability.


  • Provides good stability and balance
  • Perfect for squats and weightlifting
  • Solid heel and sole
  • Extremely comfortable with great base support
  • True to size


  • Very stiff
  • Made of a soft material that cracks easily

4. New Balance Women's FuelCore Nergize V1 Cross Trainer – Best for Gymnastics

With this New Balance Cross-training shoe, you are certain to achieve your athletic goals, because the footwear is designed to fit and enhance your training ability.

It has a comfortable cushioning, and it is made with a modernized style for daily use. The REVlite padded midsole and snug textile covering, inspires your performance by providing superior cushiness, and with its sleek aesthetic, it is suitable for all-day use.

This FuelCore Nergize will give you extra support with the upgraded slip-on design, and you’ll also gain new altitude with it. The upper covering is a textured mesh with an elastic band to replace the saddle.

It can be used with leggings or denim to give a unique and modern style. The versatile style helps enhance your look as an athlete and it features a slip-on silhouette with exceptional details.


  • Light and comfortable
  • True to size
  • Good quality
  • Well vented with good breathability


  • Not suitable for running
  • Not good for a wide/flat feet
  • Fabric not sturdy

5. Nobull Women's Training Shoes – Best for Weight training/Crossfit

This women’s crossfit shoe is suitable for climbing, lifting, running, and it gives maximum satisfaction and comfort during workouts. It is lightweight with flexible protection, and allows foots breathability.

The upper covering is made up of an extremely durable Super fabric to resist abrasion, and the guard plates of the fabric are embedded on a flexible base layer to create an all-round shield from rope climbs and zombies. The lug pattern of the outsole was designed to be used in multiple environments, and it allows for a smooth transition between the inner and outer parts with a blend of traction, flexibility, and support.

The sidewalls of this crossfit trainer consist of a high carbon medial and lateral guards for extra protection.


  • Sturdy and very comfortable
  • Provides great balance and support
  • Extremely durable
  • Great for weight training and kickboxing
  • High quality


  • Not suitable for long distance running
  • Not true to size
  • It’s not suitable for narrow feet

Choosing the Best Crossfit Shoes for Women

Choosing the right crossfit shoe that is suitable for your need depends on a number of factors. The first thing that may likely come to your mind when choosing this footwear is “What to look for when getting a crossfit shoe.”

You’ll be able to answer such question when you’ve decided on the kind of training, exercise, or workout that you’ll be involved in.

Crossfit training involves exercising your whole body for fitness, and it uses different workouts to develop different parts of your body. For this reason, there are unique demands on crossfit shoes.

For gymnastics, you need sturdiness in your shoes; for weightlifting, you need support; for running, you need flexibility. The best crossfit shoe must balance some or all the three features.

Read on to discover what you have to consider when purchasing the best women's crossfit shoes.

1. The Shoe Drop

The height difference between the heel and forefoot is said to be the shoe's drop. Running shoes with high supports may have high drops of about 7mm to 8mm, meant to support the foot during head-to-toe movements, which is the best for running.

A good crossfit shoe must have a drop of 4mm. This offers a balanced position, thereby distributing your weight evenly across the footwear, and making it versatile for different workouts.

2. Durability

Crossfit training mixes different exercises or workouts together so that you’ll not develop only a particular area of your body. This means that, you’ll surely undergo strenuous and simple exercises at some points.

Rope climbing is very hard on shoes, because of the friction which occur between the rope and the soles. For this reason, ensure that you examine the outer parts of the shoe carefully for extra protection and sturdiness. If you observe just a soft foam without an additional protection, you may have to let go of such footwear.

3. Lightweight

The last thing you need during crossfit training is a bulky and heavy footwear trying to drag you down. It is better to purchase a shoe that is lightweight but with better support and durability, without hindering your training.

Even though you may want to get to the climax pertaining to shoe weights, to choose barefoot or minimalist shoes, some of them may be referred to as “feet gloves.” These kind of shoes may be your best fit if you need a very light footwear that will replicate natural feelings, but have it in mind that, support and stability will be sacrificed.

4. Breathability

Your crossfit shoe will give you greater comfort if it allows your feet to breath. Lightweight shoes with mesh uppers or extra vents, allows good breathability.

During workouts, extra heat is produced, and you’ll feel very uncomfortable if air doesn’t touch your feet especially under warm climate. However, if you have a sweaty feet, you’re more likely to slip during training, but moisture absorbing shoe materials can help to suck moisture and sweat which may cause foot odor and build-up of bacteria.

5. Support

For your crossfit training, the support level needed for particular exercises should be decided with personal preference, because crossfit shoes with super supportive features will get you through certain plyometric exercises, but with their high drop, it’ll be difficult for you to use it for lifting heavy weights.

6. Comfort and Fit

For maximum comfort, your crossfit shoe must be the right and perfect fit. Apart from the size, it must have the perfect style and width for your foot. This is why high quality cushioning is embedded on high-end crossfit shoes to give greater comfort, but the low-end types from unknown brands cannot offer this level of durability and comfort during intense workouts.

7. Quality

It is essential to purchase a quality footwear for crossfit training, because these trainings involve intense and strenuous workouts, and your shoe takes the greater part of the strain.

For this reason, the stitching, materials, and body-build must have good quality. You can achieve this by considering the high-end crossfit shoes which normally comes with a higher price and better quality.


Your goals determines the best crossfit shoes for you, and your decision is simple and personal just like your fitness. You can discuss with other Cross-fitters to know what works for them, so that you can streamline your priorities to your specific need or take a walk to a store for personal fittings.

If you consider all the features listed here, you’ll not only succeed in having a great assistant, but you’ll achieve greater goals in fitness.

Now that you’re ready for your WOD, we hope this guide has offered you all the information you needed, or perhaps, you’ve chosen one of our best crossfit shoes reviewed here.

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