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The Ultimate Purchasing Guide to the Best Knife Block Reviews 2019

In the world of cooking, all your kitchen tools and equipment should be taken cared for, especially your knives. They don't only need to regular sharpening, but proper storage as well. That way, they stay sharp and durable for years to come. If you're looking for the best way to store your knives, then the best knife block will do wonders. But since there are a ton of knife blocks out there, which one should you invest in?


Read on as I show you the ultimate purchasing guide to the best knife block.

What is a Knife Block?

When you have knives, you might find it difficult just storing it in your drawer or lying on the kitchen counter. Not only would this easily rust, but it might also be a safety hazard for pets and children! With a knife block, you'll be able to store your knives without the worry properly.

These knife blocks take the shape of a huge block with slots suited for different knife sizes. They are made of different materials and can accommodate a certain number of knives, but the one thing they all have in common is the thin slots to store the knives in.

Benefits of Using a Knife Block

Using a knife block is one of the many ways to store your knives, also one of the best. Why? Here are some of the benefits using knife block has to offer:




Benefits of Using a Knife Block

You're probably wondering: How do you sustain the knife block for it to last for a long time? Doesn't it look difficult to clean what's inside the slots because of its thin holes? Here are some tips to follow to maintain your knife block:

Wipe the exterior of your knife block after cooking, especially if you deep fry something and oil splattered around it. This will help maintain its looks and keep it from slowly rotting and damaging from the hot oil.

Use the crevice tool of your vacuum cleaner to suck away the crumbs inside the slots. OR, you can also use a hair dryer at the highest speed to blow away any small dirt inside. If yo have none of the equipment, then use a pipe cleaner, gently wiring on the slots when inserted. Swirl it around to remove any dust or grime that may have come in.

Always clean your knives before putting it in the slot to avoid it from getting more crumbs of for the slots accumulating oil or moisture. Also, it's best to place it in an area far away from the cooking area and the reach of children or pets.

How to Purchase the Best Knife Block

Choosing a knife block may look easy, but there is a few factor you'll need to consider to ensure a quality knife block to last. Here are valuable tips and factors to consider when choosing the best knife block:

Size - How any knives will you be storing and what type of knives are they? Examine the types of knives you will be putting in the knife block, as many companies sell them with different numbers of slots and at different sizes to accommodate as much as possible (on average, they sell blocks that can fit 12 to 15 knives).

Purchasing a Set - If you don't have knives to start off with, then you may want to consider buying a quality set, made out of steel, ceramic, or titanium. If you already have a knife set, then move on to the next tip.

Shape - There is a knife block for drawers to save up on space, or the original knife block for kitchen counters. This will depend on personal preference, so evaluate your kitchen area and assess what's needed.​

Material - Some knife blocks are made of acrylic or even glass and stainless steel! But the traditional and original knife blocks are made out of wood, with bamboo, walnut, cherry, or beechwood being some of the popular ones. Take note that wooden ones are harder to clean than any other material.

Focus on knife blocks with high-quality material for ease of cleaning and durability for a longer life span.​

Other Features - You may be interested in extra features, such as more storage space and small drawers to fit in other kitchen tools like shears or utensils.

Top Eight Best Knife Block Reviews

Based on my research, tests, and overall customer reviews, here are my top eight choices on the best knife block

1. Shenzhen Knives In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block

What I love about Shenzhen Knives is the fact that it's eco-friendly and made out of the bacteria-resistant bamboo. It's meant for the drawers to free up your counter space, holding up to 15 knives, depending on their size. You'll love how robust and durable the bamboo knife block is, and it looks excellent in almost any drawer. It makes getting knives easier, and with more accessibility, I could ever imagine. 

It's beautifully made and holds many types of knives. With its attractiveness and snug fit on most drawers, I call this a number one space saver all chefs must have!

2. Shenzhen Knives Bamboo Universal Knife Block

Shenzhen Knives is part of the list again, this time with a knife block suitable for counters.

One excellent feature about this is the larger knife slots for easy cleaning and to for even more blade sizes. It can fit up to 19 knives, including a slot for scissors and a sharpening rod. It's a plus point for storage and organization.

It also offers non-skid rubber feet for better grip no matter how much you bump into it. Made out of bamboo veneer and wood core, it has a natural look you'll love on your kitchen counter. A great investment!

3. Cook N Home Bamboo Knife Storage In-Drawer Block

Another knife block fits into the drawer; the Cook n Home knife block can fit up to 11

knives, holding most commonly used ones. I like its unique wave designs that make it easier to access and get the knife I want safely.

It's also made out of natural bamboo with a satiny feel to it, making it look soft, yet with the strength and durability for it to last for years to come. It's big enough and can fit most drawers, looking fantastic while protecting my knives out of sight. And at such an affordable price, it's almost a steal!

4. Cook N Home Bamboo Knife Storage Block

If you opt for a knife block suitable for kitchen counters but with the same brand and

affordability, Cook N Home has the bamboo knife storage block that can fit 19 knives including the storage for putting your scissors and sharpening steel. It's also made out of the natural bamboo with a smooth feel to it, making it look attractive while durable.

It's very affordable, and though the slots aren't all aligned, you get what you pay for but still win because of its lovely quality that makes it a significant investment to last for a long time. I would recommend it for those on a budget.

5. Chicago Cutlery 1119644 Fusion Forged Knife Block Set

Wondering why Chicago Cutlery has a high price for a knife block? That's because it also

includes the 18-piece knife set AND high-quality knife block. The knives are made out of high-carbon stainless steel while the knife block has a sleek look to it, looking like they would last for a long time.

The knives fit perfectly and look very organized when you add it all together. It looks gorgeous in the kitchen and with its high-end knives at a reasonable price, what more can you ask for in a knife set? It's best for those who want to replace their knife sets!

6. Stone Boomer Super Sharp! Stainless Steel Kitchen Cutlery Knife Block Set

This knife block is certainly one for the books because of its unique design! It's made out of acrylic with the modern and minimalistic feel to it, making it look fantastic on the kitchen counter. It even includes slots for your scissors and sharpening steel. It can hold up to 14 knives, with a stainless steel knife set included to complete the deal. Both knives and block are durable to last for a very long time and will NOT rust, making it a huge plus.

Whether it's a gift for culinary students or yourself, you are not scrimping on quality when purchasing from Stone Boomer.

7. Paksh Novelty Wooden Kitchen Knife Block Set

What makes the Paksh Novelty knife set interesting is its great knife block sets that look beautiful with the knives. The block is painted with black matte, a resistant material for added protection and durability. It looks just as sleek and classy as it performs.

And plus, it's easier to wipe down and clean because of the matte finish! The knives are also very high in quality as well, with the sharp and superior blades built to last. For its dark beauty and durable construction, this knife block makes a great investment.

8. Cuisinart Stainless Steel Hollow Handle Block Set C77SS-15PK

Cuisinart is one of the leading brands of kitchen products, with this knife set being no exception. I love the knife block, as it's made out of hard and durable wood to last. You can see and feel its quality, and you'll like how it looks because of its sleek black color.

It can fit 15 knives with space for your knife sharpener and scissors. Another plus is the fact that you can also cheese between 13 or 17 pieces for versatility. For a quality product that comes from an esteemed brand, it's definitely worth the investment.

In Conclusion

When it comes to cooking, you'll need to make sure that you purchase the right tools and equipment suitable for it. Not only that, but you'll also need to buy products that will protect your essential tools, in particular for the knives that require maintenance and security from the outdoor elements! That's why to organize and store it properly; you'll need the best knife block.

Out of all the knife blocks tried and tested, the best one would have to go to Shenzhen Knives In-Drawer Bamboo Knife Block. This beautiful knife storage and organizer can hold up to 15 knives and is made out of eco-friendly and bacteria-resistant bamboo, making it both durable and free from germs that would damage your knives. It's great to fit in drawers and makes your knives accessible. And at such an affordable price, it's quite the long-lasting investment to keep your kitchen tools secure for years to come.

I hope that this article on the best knife block helped you become more knowledgeable on these types of kitchen products and what you should purchase. So what are you waiting for? If you need a place to keep your knives safe and secure, then invest in the best kitchen block today!

If you have any questions or would like to share your experiences with the best kitchen block, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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