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5 Methods of Cleaning The Kitchen Cabinet With Vinegar

​Food stains, molds and bacteria can be very unforgiving when they decide to invade your kitchen cabinets. It always gets more frustrating when you have devotedly tried all means to get rid of it, but to no avail. I have fallen a victim of this torment more times than I can remember. However, that was before I tried vinegar which to my amusement cleared all stubborn stains, bacteria and molds from my cabinet. The acid in vinegar disinfects your cabinets by cutting through the germs, leaving all surfaces clean and spotless. The following are five easy ways of cleaning the kitchen cabinet with vinegar.


1. Cleaning Grease From the Cabinet

It is almost impossible to notice grease on your cabinet until months later when it forms uneven and ugly patches on your kitchen cabinet. If they go completely unattended to, they definitely won’t hesitate to eat up your cabinet. Nonetheless, there is no known extent of such damage that cannot be remedied by cleaning your kitchen cabinet with vinegar.

In order to accomplish this, first, mix a cup of white vinegar with soap and warm water. Dampen a piece of clean cloth with the solution and use it to vigorously clean out the grease stain until it comes out. Wash the piece of cloth with warm water then use it to rinse the cabinet. If the sticky spots are still noticeable you can redo the whole process until the cabinet is spotless.

2. Grout Cleaning

Grout stain is among the most depressing worries that new homeowners bear. The presence of grout on any of your kitchen’s surfaces is a dreadful sight. Using vinegar to clean grout on your kitchen cabinet is a plus because it is chemical free and eco-friendly. Its efficiency becomes more pronounced when you use both vinegar and baking soda.

The first step to achieving a grout free cabinet is sprinkling baking soda, adequately, on all the stained surfaces. Secondly, squirt vinegar evenly on the baking soda. Allow the solution to bubble itself out as it loosens the grout for a few minutes.

This should however not take too long because the germs might get reabsorbed. The next step is certainly going to be messy. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t deter you from scrubbing the cabinet surface vigorously until all contamination is done away with. Lastly, wash off the muddy solution, preferably using a cleaning rag, to get a better result. This is then the moment you sit back and admire the grout-free cabinets.

3. Wood Kitchen Cabinets With Syrup, Chocolate and Other Food Stains.

There is no doubt, a messy kitchen definitely signifies a functional kitchen, a well-fed family and all that. Well, this is a good course but, unfortunately, our kitchen cabinets become the recipient of food stains. On the bright side, however, this is nothing a solution of vinegar and salt can’t solve. Soak a toothbrush into the paste and use it to spread the solution all over the cabinet while majoring on the stained areas.

Scrub the surface tenderly not to scrap the wood off. Alternatively, cleaning the surface with a soft cloth or a sponge can terminate the food stains as sufficiently. At this point, you can now rinse your wood cabinet with clean water and dry it with a clean towel. Unfortunately, the food stain will unapologetically keep on recurring. In order to ensure that this does not happen, you can cloak the surface of your cabinet with a mixture of vegetable oil and vinegar. Rub it in until it is no longer in sight.

4. Get rid of Bad Smell From the Cabinets

The stench of the accumulated germs in your kitchen cabinets can be crucifying. It is normal that most people rarely clean their cabinets until the unfortunate smell forces them to. Frustration sets when you have tirelessly cleaned it but the smell doesn’t go away. Prior to washing, you should vacuum the spots of molds away using an upholstery brush. Once this is done, wash the cabinet with a mixture of soap and warm water.

Wipe the cabinet using a clean piece of cloth while ensuring all the moisture is eradicated. Cleaning your kitchen cabinet with Vinegar then comes in at this point. Soak a cloth in a mixture of vinegar and water and thoroughly wipe down the cabinet. The odor will be as good as gone. Before putting utensils back in, leave the cabinets open until it is ultimately dry and smelling as good as new.

If the odor remains persistent, place bowls of vinegar, coffee beans or baking soda in the cabinet overnight. These three always go the extra mile of ensuring that all the odor is absorbed. Wash the items that were in the cabinet as well before putting them back in.

5. Cleaning Rusy, Gunky or Greasy Cabinet Knobs

It is awfully embarrassing when your cabinet is shiny and fresh buts its pull knob looks old, rusty and crappy. The good thing with most knobs is the fact that they can be detached from the cabinet to enable an efficient cleaning. Vinegar is handy when cleaning hinges, pulls and knobs of any nature. Be it wooden, brassed, coppered, glassed or rusty, vinegar will rescue that knob from all sorts of contamination.

Usually, a mixture of water and vinegar does just fine for wooden and glass knobs. As for brass, a combination of vinegar and baking soda does the magic while copper is cleaned using a mixture of ketchup, vinegar, and lemon.

When the metal is groomed with rust, soaking it in a solution of vinegar or lemon and borax will make it flawless. After disinfecting it is now okay for you to wipe the handle with a clean dry cloth until it sparkles. If the stains are still visible, you can soak the item in a solution of vinegar then brush it gently until the menace is all gone.


Having a stained kitchen cabinet is not only undeserving but also tormenting. Needless to say, it can bring unwanted health effects to you and your family. Ever since I cleaned my kitchen cabinets with vinegar using the above methods, I must confess, I have never looked back. I can guarantee that seeing your cabinets fresh and clean gives you an indescribable joy. I quest you to try the above methods on your kitchen cabinet you can thank me later! Also, remember to share this rescuing revelation with friends that are possibly going through the same predicament. Lastly, drop a comment.

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