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How to Build a Brick Mailbox: What You Need to Know

When you're building a new home, you'll want to make sure you add the finishing touches to it. One of the essentials you can design well would be the mailbox, which is needed to keep your mail while you're out. There are different types of mailboxes to build, one of the known ones being made out of brick. BUT, it might be expensive! Fortunately, there are ways on how to build a brick mailbox yourself. Doing so will cut expenses and have you reap the many benefits as compared to having it made by a professional.


If you're new to DIY and wondering how to build a brick mailbox, then you're in luck. Read on as I help and show you the proper way to building a brick mailbox, as well as other facts you need to know about mailboxes made out of this material.

Why Build a Brick Mailbox?

There are different types of mailboxes available. Not only can you make one out of metal or wood, but you can also choose to purchase a pre-made one! So why bother building your brick mailbox in the first place?

It's crucial and beneficial to build a brick mailbox, as these are even sturdier and with the solid construction. It requires less repair and maintenance, in the long run, saving you a lot of money and time.

Plus, it keeps your mail secure no matter the weather or time of the day, lessening your worries. A brick mailbox adds beauty and style to any home, increasing its value while vandal-proofing it.

Compared to having a mailbox installed professionally, you'll be able to cut up to half the costs. And it's very easy to build your brick mailbox, as long as you have the right equipment and follow the instructions. You also get to learn a lot about home renovation as you begin building, bettering your skills for other home improvements you'll want to do in the future.

How to Build a Brick Mailbox

Here are the following tools and materials you will need beforehand:

• A shovel
• Concrete
• Trowel
• Mortar
• Cinder blocks
• Bricks
• A joint tool
• Level
• The mailbox itself
• Capstone (optional)
• Heavy brush

Once everything is ready, follow these instructions:

1. Research the Rules and Regulations of Your Neighborhood

Search for any local building codes to ensure that your mailbox meets the requirements, and you aren't breaking any rules when building it.

2. Remove Your Old Mailbox

If you have your existing mailbox, then remove it by digging out the base and removing its support. If ever your mailbox has a concrete base, then you will need to take away to concrete as well.

But if you have no existing mailbox, move on to the next step.​

3. Dig a Hole

Measure out the hole you'll be digging out first and create a mark, depending on how big you want your mailbox to be (and according to your neighborhood's rules).

Dig a whole in the ground and make sure that it's a bit wider (about half an inch) than the mailbox you'll be building.​​

4. Pour Concrete

Pour in the concrete and use the trowel and level to ensure that the concrete is smooth and leveled, BEFORE 45 minutes of pouring the concrete in (or you won't be able to work on the concrete after). Leave it to sit a week.

5. Mark the Foundation Area

Before laying out the blocks and starting on creating the mailbox's support, mark the areas using a trowel as to where you'll be laying the cinder blocks.

6. Add Mortar

Between the marks your set, add mortar, so the blocks will be able to stick well. Make sure that you

add only the right amount and that it doesn't overflow.

7. Lay Cinder Blocks

Insert the first batch of cinder blocks, laying two of them side-by-side. Apply pressure to both blocks so that they will be set in place. Use mortar on top of the cinder blocks, then lay another two blocks, but perpendicular to the first batch.

8. Add Mortar and Lay Bricks

Add mortar on top of the second batch of cinder blocks, then lay the first set of bricks. Using a common tool, add mortar to every end of bricks you will use then press it on the last one applied. The bricks should be balanced with one another to avoid an uneven look and support.
Repeat the procedure until you have a full layer of bricks. Level it out and make sure that you adjust anything if needed.

9. Add Mortar and Add New Mailbox

Add mortar on top of the bricks again, then put the new mailbox at the center of the area. Apply pressure to let it stick properly.

10. Lay More Bricks

Just like step #8, use the mortar and lay the bricks vertically at the back and sides of the area. When laying bricks on top of the mailbox, put them horizontally. Make sure that the whole mailbox is surrounded by the bricks, filling in open spaces with mortar.

11. Brush Loose Mortar

After a few hours, use a heavy brush to sweep any excess dried mortar. And you're done! You can paint over the cinder blocks and add other accessories, such as your house number or a capstone, which can be bought from home-improvement stores.

Tips on Maintaining Your Mailbox

Now that you know how to build a brick mailbox, you'll want to make sure that it stays put for years to come! Here are some tips on improving your mailbox's purpose:

  • Check your mailbox every week or so for any signs of damage or other issues. Check the support by shaking it a bit or inspecting the bricks to see if they are uneven.
  • Check the address box and the number. Your house number should be visible and in a prominent spot on your mailbox to ensure that the mailman (or anyone visiting!) will be able to identify your home. You might need to paint it over or re-install your house numbers if it doesn't show.
  • ​Look at your mailbox's door and ensure that it can swing open and shut itself close properly. That way, you won't need to worry about your mail getting lost or wet because of a flimsy door.
  • Check for any sharp edges if the door is open, since it may harm you or the mailman at one point. Use a nail file to map the edges blunt.

​In Conclusion

Your mailbox makes your home complete. And after all, you won't be able to properly store your mail or deliveries while you're away from home without it! It's critical to build a robust and sturdy mailbox made out of brick, as it keeps your mail secure and safe from any thieves or inclement weather conditions.

I hope that this article on how to build a brick mailbox helped you learn about what you need and the steps to follow to create the strong one you need for your home successfully. So what are you waiting for? Prepare the items today and begin building your brick mailbox.

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips about building a brick mailbox, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.​

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