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How to Clean a Gas Fire Place : Tips on Caring for Your Gas Fire Place

Are you wondering on how to clean a gas fire place that you have at home? Are you worried that your fire place will never look appealing? Worry no more because the information below will give you all the information that you need to bring beauty back to your gas fire place.


Having a gas fire place is a great addition to every home. It does not only provide a beautiful focal point in the room and warmth. Of course, it is natural that they can get dirty after some time that is why making sure that you get to wipe the exterior and the interior part of your fire place to help avoid the buildup of dirt. All you need to have is the time and effort, for you to be able to bring back the beauty of your fire place and to make it look as if you have just installed it.

Here Are a Few Tips on How to Clean a Gas Fire Place

Things That You Will Need

• Paintbrush
• Vacuum Cleaner
• Old Towel
• Hose Attachment
• Cheesecloth
• Glass Cleaner
• Dry Cloth
• Damp Cloth
• Mild Dish Soap

Step #1 Turning The Gas Off

Before you start cleaning the gas fire place, you need to make sure that the valve of your sass is

turned off. The reason behind this is because a gas that is left running can cause risky problems. You can find the valve on the wall, which is beside your fire place.

Also, you need to make sure that the components of your fire place have already cooled down before you start the process of cleaning.

Step #2 Brushing the Gas Logs Off

Take the gas logs that you have outside for you to be able to clean them. You can use a paintbrush to help you remove debris or dirt from the gas logs. When brushing them, you need to do it gently since the logs are fragile and damaging them is the last thing that you want to do.

Before bringing the logs back, you need to check if there are corrosions in each of them. When returning them back to the fire place, you need to put them exactly as you got them since there are situated and designed that way for maximum result.

Step #3 Vacuuming the Lava Rocks

The next thing that you need to do is to remove the lava rocks and place them all on a towel. You

can then clean than using a vacuum cleaner that has a hose attachment as this will help you to individuals clean the rock. The vacuum will help suck up all grime and loose dirt that has already settled on them.

Now, for lava rocks that are too small, you can place a cheesecloth to the vacuum’s nozzle and make sure to secure

​it with a rubber band to ensure that the small rocks won’t get sucked up.

Step #4 Cleaning the Interiors of Your Gas Fire Place

Cleaning the interior part of your fire place is your next task using a vacuum cleaner. Stick the

hose to the fire place’s interior part and start looking for dust bunnies and spiders. Every debris and dust inside the fire place will surely be removed.

Step #5 Cleaning the Glass Covering

Using a glass cleaner that is made specifically for a fire place glass covering, start spraying the cleaner on the cloth 

and gently rub it in the glass in a circular motion. Continue doing it until you reached the result that you like. Once you are done, you can start drying the glass before you start turning the fire place again. A fire place cleaner can be purchase at most of the home improvement stores.

Step #6 Wiping the Interior Edges

Using a damp and clean cloth, start cleaning some of the excess dirt and soot that has already accumulated. After cleaning an area, the next thing that you need to do is to rinse the cloth using warm water to ensure that the fabric will be kept clean.

Also, you need to make sure that you are going to use hate when wiping down the interior part of your fire place. Using harsh chemicals are strongly not advisable because it can badly react once you start using the fire place.

Step #7 Cleaning the Exterior Part

Using a damp cloth, start wiping the exterior of your fire place. You also need to make sure that you are cleaning your cloth each wipe to ensure that you are removing dirt and soot. No matter what your fire place is made out of, whether it is made out of stone, gold, brass, or marble, the water will surely help clean your fire place without any problem at all.

Step #8 Dealing With Stubborn Buildup

Now, if there are any stubborn buildup in your fire place, the best thing to deal with them is to use a mild dish soap to help clean up soot and dust. Pour the warm water into a bowl and mix a small amount of dish soap. Start mixing them together as this will serve as your cleaning solution. Once done, you can dip a soft cloth and wipe the grime gently on the exterior part of your fire place. You can repeat the process until you get to remove everything.

Here’s a video on how to clean a gas fire place.

Additional Tips on Caring for Your Gas Fire Place

Tip #1 Inspecting for Damages Regularly

You need to make sure that you are checking your gas fire place for any damages, for you to ensure that it will work for a long period. Each piece in the fire place should be checked, including the gasket to make sure that it is not broken nor cracked. The vent outside should also be checked since any debris can cause problems.

Tip #2 Following the Manual’s Instructions

Always keep in mind to check the manual’s instruction when cleaning your fire place. You need to ensure that you are following every instruction that is indicated in the manual. All the maintenance will also be there, for you to ensure that you are not doing anything that can void the warranty that it has.

Tip #3 Annual Inspection of Your Gas Fire Place

Of course, it is strongly advisable that you are getting your fire place to be annually checked by a professional. This will make sure that it is properly functioning and that there will be no harm any damages that can interfere with its operation. The inspector will start looking at every piece, including lava rocks and logs to ensure that everything is in proper order and everything is working the way that they should.


Everything that you need to know how to clean a gas fire place to ensure that it is well maintained. Always remember that a well-maintained gas fire place will make sure that it will keep you and your family warm during the night and of course during the colder days. So always make sure to clean and keep your gas fire place well maintained.

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