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How to Clean an Espresso Machine: The Best Ways

One of the most popular drinks in the world would be espresso, with the energizing drink being able to keep you up and focused or hours! While you'll be able to purchase coffee from local cafes, you can also make your own through an espresso machine. Millions of people own this handy appliance, saving money in the long run. But owning an espresso machine isn't just about making coffee. You'll need to learn how to clean an espresso machine as well!


If you're wondering about how to both clean and maintain your espresso machine to last, here are the top methods how!

Why Is Cleaning Your Espresso Machine Important?

Espresso machines, just like many other appliances, need to be cleaned properly at least once every few days. Why's this important? Because it keeps your machine working for an extended period, making it last without any problems.

Knowing how to clean an espresso machine will also help keep your coffee and espresso clean, as dust and dirt can collect INSIDE your espresso machine, producing undrinkable espresso shots that are a waste of money.

Regular cleaning and maintenance will help keep your espresso machine free from any possible damage, especially from any dirt stuck in the equipment. It will save you a lot of money in the long run, avoiding the repair costs if ever your espresso machine breaks down from the uncleaned particles leftover. Knowing how to do it yourself also saves you the cleaning fees if you take it to a professional, which may cost a LOT!

How to Clean Your Espresso Machine

Before cleaning your espresso machine, you need to learn that there are three ways on how to clean it:

• Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

• Weekly Deep-Cleaning

• Descaling the Espresso Machine (once every three to four months)

Here are the three ways on how to clean an espresso machine: 

Regular or Everyday Cleaning

What You Need:

• Nylon brush or scrub

• Hot water

• Clean towel

• Damp rag

How to Proceed:

1. Scrubbing the external parts

2. Cleaning the Gasket

3. Washing

4. Backwashing

5. Sanitizing

6. Wipe it Down


What You Need:

• Cleaning Solution

Make sure you prepare the solution according to the product's instructions

• Tub

• Screwdriver

• Water

• Scrub

• Towel

How to Proceed:

1. Disassemble Machine

2. Soaking

3. Scrub and Rinse


What You Need:

• Descaling Solution

Make sure to prepare this by filling the machine's reservoir with water and mixing it in with the recommended amount of solution. You can check the instructions based on the descaling product you use.

• Water

• Container or glass

How to Proceed:

1. Run the Solution- Steam Wand

2. Run the Solution- Portafilter

3. Run the Solution- The Whole Machine

4. Flush

Tips on Maintaining Your Espresso Machine

​Now that you know how to clean the espresso machine, the nest thing you'll need to do is to learn how to make it last. Here are some tips to follow so you can properly maintain the performance of your espresso machine:

  • Make sure always to clean your espresso machine a few times a week. Clean it every day after brewing, removing any coffee buildup and rinsing out the drip tray with water.
  • Do NOT use strong chemical solutions when cleaning. You can find the appropriate types of cleaning solution to use as recommended by the manufacturer. If not, use safe products made for specific parts of your espresso machine.
  • Remember to unplug and turn off your espresso machine before cleaning it unless you'll need to backwash. This will prevent any electrical issues or injuries.

In Conclusion

If you're a new owner of an espresso machine, you shouldn't only learn how to make your coffee, but to also clean it! It's crucial to keep it maintained the RIGHT way, as it isn't just about wiping it down. Fortunately, cleaning an espresso machine is very easy and won't require much of your time, as long as you do it daily and use it with care.

I hope that this article on how to clean an espresso machine taught you well. Now that you know what to do, why not give your espresso machine the daily cleanup it deserves?

If you have any questions or would like to share tips on how to clean an espresso machine, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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