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How to Clean High Windows Properly : These Tips Can Be Helpful to You

Are you having problems when it comes to cleaning your high windows? If you are one of the many who doesn't want to hire a professional to clean their windows, then knowing how to clean high windows on your own is essential.


Typically, windows are only washed once or twice a year, and a lot of people don’t see this task as enjoyable, especially if your windows are high. Some people hire a professional, which can be very pricey. This is the reason why they ignore their windows and let them accumulate dirt and such. There are also some who are using newspaper, paper towels and spray cleaners to clean their windows, which is not a good idea since all they do is move the dirt around to another spot.

Always put in mind that cleaning high windows is important, and it may be challenging, but it surely is rewarding. Get to know how to clean high windows properly by reading the information below.

Here are Some Things That You Will Need for You to be Able to Start Cleaning High Windows

• Squeegee
• Ladder​
• Portable vacuum cleaner
• Dishwashing liquid
• Two buckets
• Large sponge
• Rubber gloves
• Towels
• Cloths

Step #1 Plan Ahead of Time

You may be busy with other stuff and planning the day when you are going to clean your windows would be best. Planning will help you gather all the things that you need, and it will mentally prepare you that, that day is the day where the windows will be cleaned. It would also be best to ensure that you choose a quite sunny day to clean the windows to make it easier for them to dry off.

Step #2 Choosing the Right Method

Since you are going to clean high windows, it would be best to look for a method that is safest for you. Of course, you will need a ladder and squeegee that has a long handle. These things will help you clean the windows that are high. You need to make sure that you are comfortably standing on the ladder and not stretching your waist up, as this can be too risky.

Step #3 Prepare Your Windows

Start preparing your windows for cleaning by using a portable vacuum cleaner. This will help you get rid of grime, cobwebs, insects, and leaves. You should also to use a brush if needed, to ensure that you have already removed every single thing that is in the window.

Step #4 Gather All the Supplies Needed

As mentioned above, you need to prepare all the things that you need for you to be able to clean your windows effectively. For the cloth, you need to ensure that your cloth has not been treated with any types of fabric softener since the residue in it might streak the windows.

Step #5 Washing the Windows

Using a dishwashing liquid and a bucket of water. Dip a sponge in it and a squeegee and start to clean the windows down vertically. You need to ensure that your strokes are straight for you to be able to clean the windows equally. Once you are done, start using another sponge to wipe the soapy water on the windows.

Step #6 Remove Any Drips of Water

The next thing that you need to do is to ensure that you have removed any remaining water on the window’s edges using a dry cloth. You need to use a cloth that can absorb the water efficiently for you to ensure that all the remaining water will be removed.

Step #7 Start Scrubbing the Panes

Using a sponge, start brushing the panes of the windows. You need to dip the sponge into the bucket of water with a dishwashing soap. You need to make sure that the sponge can scrub the corners of the windows, for the dirt on it to be removed.

Step #8 Remove Any Streaks

Using a squeegee, start with stroking the squeegee into the window to remove the streaks from the sponge. If the squeegee is making a lot of noise, then adding a bit of water in it would help.

Step #9 Check for Stubborn Areas

Once you are done with washing the window, start checking if any areas are stubborn. If you have screens that are made out of metal, you will probably see mineral stains. This type of stain can’t be removed using a regular cleaning method. It would be best to use a cleaning solution for you to remove them effectively.

Additional Tips on Why High Windows Needs to be Cleaned

Tip #1 Cleaning is Important for the Glass’ Structure

The glass is made to collect dirt over time, which will them make it fragile or even cause its transparency. There are a lot of enemies that you should watch out for your windows, including the hard minerals, overspray, sea spray, acid rain, and as well as oxidization.

Tip #2 Efficiency of the Window Against the Heat

Windows that are dirty can affect the efficiency of the window when it comes to heat. The particles of dirt on your window’s surface have the ability to reflect a lot of UV light. This will then prevent the sun from keeping your home warm during the colder season. This also means that it will make you use a heater, which can increase your expenses in no time.

Tip #3 It Will Be Easier for it to Maintain

Always put in mind that the longer you keep your windows dirty, the more challenging it is to clean it. You may even need to ask for professional help, which you surely don’t want to happen. There are also some instances that the windows will accumulate scratches, spots, and mold, which will in turn force you to replace the entire window, which can cost you a lot.

Tip #4 Windows Will Look Nice

Of course, if you clean your windows regularly, you and your guests will soon appreciate the beauty that it adds to your home. You will also get to see what’s outside of your home more clearly, unlike when it’s dirty.

Tips #5 Number of Times Needed to Clean Your Window

As mentioned above, cleaning the window can be once or twice a year. But it will also depend on how often it rains in where you live in. You will also have to consider if your window can accumulate a lot of dirt in just a short period. If you reside in an area that is polluted, then cleaning your window as often as twice every single week will do. But for people who live in an environment that are well balanced, then cleaning it twice every month will do.


These are the steps on how to clean high windows properly and effectively. Follow each step carefully, for you to ensure that you are doing the right thing for your windows. Always remember that your windows’ cleanliness can be a reflection of yourself. So always make sure to clean it regularly.

So how do you find this tutorial on how to clean high windows? Share what’s on your mind by commenting below.

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