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How to Get Chocolate Out of Clothing : The Right Way To Clean it at Home

Are you having problems with that chocolate stain on your clothing? Have you done all the tricks that you know, but it is still there? Then the information below on how to get chocolate out of clothing will surely be beneficial for you.


You probably love eating chocolates, and it is a favorite staple in every home today. But sometimes, it can be difficult to not have stains on your clothing after eating a sumptuous serving of chocolate. In fact, having stains on your clothing is part of enjoying the chocolates.

Some people just ignore these stain, and they try to live with it. But if you are a person who just can’t seem to stand the stain on their clothing, then the information below on how to get chocolate out of clothing is essential.

Here are Some of the Things That You Need for Your Task to be Successful

• Spoon
• Butter Knife
• Dish Soap
• Liquid Laundry Detergent
• Stain Removal Spray or Gel

Step #1 Removing Any Excess Chocolate

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The first thing that you need to do is to eliminate any of the excess chocolate in your clothing using a spoon or a butter knife. Avoid using anything that is sharp as this will not only remove the excess stain but will also damage the clothe’s fabric.

When working on this, you need to be cautious to avoid spreading the chocolate to the other parts of the fabric.Now, if unfortunately, the chocolate has dried out already, removing them can be risky. The reason behind this because you might end up damaging the fabric entirely. It would be best just to leave it dry, and you can immediately continue doing the next step provided below.

Step #2 Rinsing the Clothes with Cold Water

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Using cold water, start cleaning the back part of fabric that has the stain. This will help the stain to travel through the least possible fabric backward. It would be best to avoid using warm or hot water, as this will only set the stain’s protein part. There are also stain oil based components and using a cold water may not be productive. But remember that your goal here is to remove the stain as much as possible to ensure that it won’t permanently set.

Step #3 Rubbing a Liquid Laundry Detergent

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Once you are done rinsing the clothing, the next thing that you need to do is to start rubbing the liquid laundry detergent that you have. You may also use a liquid dish soap if you don’t have a laundry detergent, just make sure that you are not using a detergent that is for dishwashing use. Dish soap and laundry soap will assist you in breaking down the fibers’ stains.

You should allow the soap in the clothing to sit there for five minutes and avoid rinsing it first. Start soaking your clothes for fifteen minutes under the cold water. You should rub the area where the stain is every three to five minutes using your thumb and index finger as this will help loosen the stain. You can continue rubbing the stain until you successfully removed it. Once done, then you can start rinsing the clothing.

Step #4 Use a Stain Removal

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Now if you notice that there are still stains that are oily, you can use a stain remover spray or a gel. Start treating both sides as this will help the remover to penetrate on the fabric fully. Once you are, you can put the clothing in your washing machine just like how you wash your other clothing.

Step #5 Drying the Clothes

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Before you start drying your clothing, it would be best to inspect it first for you to ensure that there are no longer stains. To make sure that there will be no hit of stains remaining, it would be best to air dry the, first. Now, if there is still any stain present, then it would be best to repeat the process mentioned above.

Here’s a video on how to remove chocolate out of your clothing.

Take note that putting the clothes in the dryer without checking if there are still stains in it will only make it more difficult for you to remove the stains. There are also some instances that it is almost next to impossible.

Additional Information on Removing Chocolate Stains in Clothing

Act As Quickly As Possible

Once the chocolate decided to go to your clothing while you are enjoying it. It would be best to remove the stain immediately. The reason behind this is because the longer you wait, the harder for the stain to be removed from your clothing. This is why removing the stains immediately is strongly advisable.

Removing Old Chocolate Stains

For older chocolate stains, you can start saturating the area of your clothing with cream and let it soak for twenty to thirty minutes. The reason why a heavy cream is ideal because it helps in making the components that fatty to be fresh again, therefore, easier for you to remove. After the soaking process, you can start rinsing the cream off.

Dealing with Stubborn Stains

Now for chocolate stains that are too stubborn, you can start mixing water and borax for you to be able to create a thick paste. You need to ensure that the consistency is like that of toothpaste. Once you are done, you can start applying the paste on the clothe’s stain and leave it for ten minutes. After the said time, you can just start washing it using your washing machine.


These are all the information that you need to know how to get chocolate out of clothing without having to bring it to a professional cleaner or throwing it away entirely. Follow the steps mentioned above, and you will surely be on your way to having a chocolate stained free clothing in no time.

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