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How to Sleep With a Body Pillow for the Best Rest

Sleep is one of the most important things you'll need to take account for so you'll be able to wake up better and have the energy for the day ahead! Unfortunately, not all of us have the best sleeping habits, and one of the reasons why would be the pillows we have. Yes, the type of mattresses or pillows we own would significantly affect the quality of sleep, which is why it's crucial to make sure that you invest in the best, with one of them being a body pillow. These types of pillows are ideal for fixing your position, but do you know how to sleep with a body pillow?


Read on as I show you everything you need to know about a body pillow and how you can sleep with one for a goof night's rest.

What is a Body Pillow?

What's a body pillow in the first place? Just like the soft friend you put on top of your head for comfort while sleeping, a body pillow is an elongated version, usually the size of one's body. These pillows are used for pain relief for pregnant women and are now being used by many for a better sleeping position.

This oversized pillow is like a mini bed, made out of quality materials that make it soft to cuddle with while forming to the shape of your position for total support. It's like being cradled like a baby!

Benefits of Using a Body Pillow

​There are various benefits as to why one sleeps with a body pillow, such as

For Pregnancy

Helps With Blood and Air Circulation

Great Support

How to Choose the Right Body Pillow

Interested in buying a body pillow? You'll need to know how to pick one. Here are two factors you should consider:


How tall are you? Make sure to get a body pillow adequate to your size. Children may need smaller body pillows to suit their height, while men and women will need to find bigger ones according to how tall they are. It has to be as tall as their whole body.


Memory foam is one of the most popular articles people opt to purchase because of the way it naturally forms to the way your body positions itself. It helps with pain and pressure that way.

Other types of material include synthetic filling, which is great for allergies. Or you can use the original feather pillow, which is very soft but goes flatter quickly. Buckwheat is ideal for those who want warmth and support without the static feathers can have, BUT they do have a crunch.

How to Sleep With a Body Pillow

When using a body pillow, there are different ways and optimum positions to do for better sleep. All you need is a bed, the pillow, and your sleepy self! Here are the methods to follow based on the usual position you comfortable sleep in

Sleeping on Your Back

Since this puts a lot of strain on your back, it's best to avoid this position. If not, place a pillow under the knees so you can maintain your spine's normal curve, keeping it in a neutral position as you sleep.

Sleeping on Your Side

This position is the best and most recommended because it helps give your back a rest and helps with your circulation and digestion.

To properly sleep on your side, cuddle with the body pillow and put the lower part between the knees, pulling it towards your chest to support your hips and back.

Sleeping on Your Stomach

This is the worst way to sleep because of the strain it puts on the lower back. If ever you can't sleep unless in this position. Put the pillow under the pelvis and prop yourself up, straightening your spine. Don't use a pillow or choose the one which won't add stress to the back.

The type of body pillow you purchase is also a factor on how you can optimize its shape. A U-Shaped pillow is best for side or back sleepers, while an I-shaped pillow is ideal for side sleepers. A J-shaped pillow can accommodate any position, as they are the combination of both U and I-shaped pillows. 

Make sure that you follow these methods every night and also follow more tips on how to get a good night's sleep, such as making a good schedule and relaxing before going to bed.

Tips on Maintaining Your Body Pillow

Now that you know how to use a body pillow, you'll also need to learn how to maintain it for a long lifespan and optimum performance properly. This calls for the regular cleaning and proper care. Here are some tips you can follow when doing so:

  • Before you wash your pillow, check the tag to see its special instructions. Some may be aching-washable while others shouldn't be used in a dryer and must be sent to professional dry cleaners. Or, you may need to hand wash it.
  • Be sure to use only warm to cold water, NEVER hot water that would ruin your pillow. Use a mild detergent and wash it without other garments.
  • If you only want to spot clean your pillow, use a damp rag and mild detergent to rub or dab out stains and dirt, letting it air-dry right after.
  • It's best to have your pillow washed at least once a week, spot-cleaning it when stains occur.

In Conclusion

Using a body pillow has many benefits it can do for your sleep and overall health. But you'll need to make sure that you know how to use it well to truly take advantage of it. If not, you'll just go back to where you started!

I hope that this article on how to sleep with a body pillow taught you everything you need to know about these types of pillows, as well as how you can properly invest in one. So what are you waiting for? Get the best body pillow and learn how to fix your posture with it today!

If you have any questions or more tips on how to sleep with a body pillow, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.

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